TJ-HB30L-120L Hollow blow molding machine

Parameters of TJ-HB30L-120L Hollow blow molding machine

Category: Blow Molding Machine

Tongjia TJ-HB30L-120L series hollow blow molding machine is used to produce various chemical barrels, civilian barrels, medical packaging, child safety seats, transportation facilities and tool bags, etc., to meet customer requirements for 30-120L hollow products of different specifications need.

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Details About TJ-HB30L-120L Hollow blow molding machine

Product Configuration

Mold opening and closing system: Diagonal double tie rod center mold locking bidirectional synchronous high-precision linear guide rail guide mold opening and closing mechanism
Extrusion system: hard tooth surface reducer + imported inverter
Die System: Special Steel Center Feed Extrusion Die
Hydraulic system: all imported hydraulic valves + hydraulic servo control system
Control system: imported PLC+ European imported complete machine control system (Jeffren, Italy)
Note: The above data is for reference only, the company reserves the right to modify the components and mechanical structure, and the relevant content involved in the purchase of equipment is subject to the contract.


1 SpecificationsUnitsTJ-HB30LTJ-HB60LTJ-HB80LTJ-HB100L TJ-HB120L
1.1 Material
1.2 Max.product capacityL306080100100
1.3 Die quantitySet11111
1.4 Machine dimensionM4.85×3.5×3.74.9×3.5×4.04.9×3.5×4.35.7×3.9×4.55.7×3.9×4.5
1.5 Machine weightTon1013141617
2 Die-head

2.1 Accumulator capacityL4.46.6/8.86.6/8.812.8/13.812.8/13.8
2.2 Max. diameter of diemm200300300400400
2.3 Die head heating powerKW≈21≈26≈26≈33/38.6≈33/38.6
2.4 Die head heating zone quantityzone33333
3 Clamping Unit

3.1 Clamping forceKN300380380450450
3.2 Distance between platensmm400-900450-1000450-1000500-1200500-1200
3.3 Mold platen size(W×H)mm780×700885×780885×10001060×10601060×1230
4 Extruder unit

4.1 Screw diametermm809090100100
4.2 Screw L/D ratioL/D2525252525
4.3 HDPE Plasticizing amountKg/h110130-160130-160160-200160-200
4.4 Screw heating zone quantityzone55555
4.5 Screw heating powerKW1620202323
4.6 Extruder driving powerKW3037/4537/4545/5545/55
5 Power

5.1 Total power consumptionKW91120/128120/128138/148138/148
5.2 Hydraulic drive powerKW2437373737
5.3 Cooling water consumptionm³/h3.65566
5.4 Cooling water pressureMpa0.3-0.60.3-0.60.3-0.60.3-0.60.3-0.6
5.5 Air pressureMpa0.
5.6 Air consumptionm³/min0.8111.21.2