TJ-HB20L(PC)Hollow blow molding machine

Parameters of TJ-HB20L(PC)Hollow blow molding machine

Category: Blow Molding Machine

Tongjia TJ-HB20L (PC) blow molding machine is mainly used to produce PC pure water buckets and PC mineral water buckets. It can produce 2 gallons, 3 gallons, 5 gallons and other specifications according to customer needs, to meet the needs of users for hollow products of different specifications.

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Details About TJ-HB20L(PC)Hollow blow molding machine


Product Configuration

Mold opening and closing system: Diagonal double tie rod center mold locking bidirectional synchronous high-precision linear guide rail guide mold opening and closing mechanism
Injection system: International brand pre-molded motor
Die System: Special Steel Center Feed Extrusion Die
Hydraulic system: all imported hydraulic valves, seals + electro-hydraulic proportional control
Control system: imported PLC + imported man-machine interface (touch screen) + PLC automatic temperature control module
Note: The above data is for reference only, the company reserves the right to modify the components and mechanical structure, and the relevant content involved in the purchase of equipment is subject to the contract.

Main Components

Hydraulic system
a. Taiwan Hytek brand hydraulic pump. b. Taiwan Hytek brand hydraulic valve, the system is proportionally adjusted and controlled, the reversing is fast, soft and no noise. c. Hydraulic hoses, joints and seals are all well-known brands.
Electrical system
a. The microcomputer control system adopts Japan's Mitsubishi PLC full computer control system. b. The temperature control component adopts PLC automatic temperature control module. c. Schneider Contactor. d. Siemens motor.
Injection part
a. The screw and barrel are made of 38CrMoALA high-quality alloy steel and treated with ion nitriding, which is wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and has a long service life. b. The screw type adopts a gradual change, with a pin mixing head, so that the plasticization of the raw materials is uniform, and the color mixing effect is remarkable, and different screw types can be equipped according to different raw materials.
Handpiece and blowing system
a. Overall structure: center feeding first-in first-out structure, color change and material change, fast and convenient. b. Heating method: stainless steel heating ring, temperature accuracy ±1%. c. Die head material: processed with a variety of special nitrided steels, internally chrome-plated and mirror-finished (material imported). d. Temperature control: PLC modular temperature control.
Clamping part
a. The mold opening and closing guide adopts double linear guide rails (low resistance, high speed, high guiding precision and wear resistance). b. The surface of the light bar for opening and closing is plated with hard chrome, which has a long wear-resistant life. c. Hydraulic straight mold clamping structure, no mold expansion phenomenon, small mold clamping line without traces. d. The self-lubricating bearing replaces the traditional clamping copper sleeve to avoid the pollution of the lubricating oil of the equipment.


1 SpecificationsUnitsTJ-HB20L(PC)
1.1 Material
1.2 Max.product capacityL20
1.3 Die quantitySet1
1.4 Machine dimensionM6.1×2.4×4.5
1.5 Machine weightTon12.8
2 Die-head

2.1 Accumulator capacityL1.6
2.2 Max. diameter of diemm150
2.3 Die head heating powerKW9.5
2.4 Die head heating zone quantityzone4
3 Clamping Unit

3.1 Clamping forceKN280
3.2 Distance between platensmm350-750
3.3 Mold platen size(W×H)mm750×680
4 Extruder unit

4.1 Screw diametermm82
4.2 Screw L/D ratioL/D38
4.3 PC Plasticizing amountKg/h160
4.4 Screw heating zone quantityzone8
4.5 Screw heating powerKW47
5 Power

5.1 Total power consumptionKW102
5.2 Hydraulic drive powerKW45
5.3 Cooling water consumptionm³/h9
5.4 Cooling water pressureMpa0.3-0.6
5.5 Air pressureMpa0.8
5.6 Air consumptionm³/min1