TJ-HB160L-230L Blow Molding Machine

Parameters of TJ-HB160L-230L Blow Molding Machine

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Tongjia tj-hb160l-230l Series hollow blow molding machine is a new generation of automatic blow molding machine specially developed for 120-220l closed barrel and open barrel. The equipment adopts hydraulic servo control and energy saving. The single ring barrel and double ring barrel produced are of good quality.

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Details About TJ-HB160L-230L Blow Molding Machine

Tongjia TJ-HB160L -230L series blow molding machine is a new generation of automatic blow molding machine specially developed for 120-220L closed and open top drums. The equipment adopts hydraulic servo control, can save more energy and produces single L ring drums and double L ring drums with good quality. Tongjia TJ-HB160L -230L series blow molding machine adopts storage die head, new runner design, fast color change, and can make multi-layer die head according to customer requirements. The equipment adopts a die shifting system to move back and forth to avoid the inconvenience caused by the movement of the overall extruder platform, and it is more convenient to change the mold.

Product Configuration

Mold opening and closing system:Diagonal double pull rod center mold locking bidirectional synchronous high-precision linear guide rail guiding mold opening and closing mechanism
Extrusion system:frequency control + Hard tooth surface reducer
Die system:Special steel center feed extrusion die
Hydraulic system:Fully imported hydraulic valve + hydraulic servo control system
Control system: imported PLC + complete machine control system imported from Europe (Jefferson, Italy)
Note: the above data are for reference only. The company reserves the right to change the components and mechanical structure. The relevant contents involved in the purchase of equipment shall be subject to the contract.


1 SpecificationsUnitsTJ-HB160LTJ-HB230LTJ-HB230L(II)
1.1 Material
1.2 Max.product capacityL160230230
1.3 Die quantitySet111
1.4 Machine dimensionM6.8×4.6×4.78.4×4.9×5.58.4×4.9×5.5
1.5 Machine weightTon223840
2 Die-head

2.1 Accumulator capacityL162525
2.2 Max. diameter of diemm450550550
2.3 Die head heating powerKW≈29≈52≈60
2.4 Die head heating zone quantityzone666
3 Clamping Unit

3.1 Clamping forceKN820900900
3.2 Distance between platensmm600-1400800-1800800-1800
3.3 Mold platen size(W×H)mm1020×12501320×16001320×1600
4 Extruder unit

4.1 Screw diametermm100120100×2
4.2 Screw L/D ratioL/D283028
4.3 Plasticizing amountKg/h180-300(HDPE)380(HMWHDPE)220×2(HMWHDPE)
4.3 Screw heating zone quantityzone565×2
4.4 Screw heating powerKW253625×2
4.5 Extruder driving powerKW9013290×2
5 Power

5.1 Total power consumptionKW186257327
5.2 Hydraulic drive powerKW373737
5.3 Cooling water consumptionm³/h202828
5.4 Cooling water pressureMpa0.3-0.60.3-0.60.3-0.6
5.5 Air pressureMpa0.811
5.6 Air consumptionm³/min1.633